Continuous Care Platform

loop+ combines a sensor mat which continuously collects data on user activity, with an app that displays individual risk profiles and insights. The collaborative care dashboard connects wheelchair users, their care teams and clinicians for sustainable healthy habits.


loop+ Sensor pad

The sensor pad itself is fixed to the wheelchair, underneath the cushion, to continuously measure seated pressure, position, movement and humidity.

We calculate risk for each user individually, tracking continuously and effortlessly in the background as they go about their day.

We see the future for potential loop+ sensors to be incorporated for pads for the car, the bed, the commode… so that we can provide useful insights for every aspect of your life.


loop+ app

loop+ gives users the ability to log daily events and then sequences it with the sensor data from the pad to create a shared understanding of the body. Wheelchair users can have data driven conversations with their clinicians, replacing cloudy memories of past events.

This combined with real-time visualisations of the body on the app, users become more aware of the connection of their habits to their unique risk factors.


Loop+ Dashboard

loop+ collaborative care dashboard will also improve access to care. By connecting regional nurses to specialists in the city, loop+ will better enable telehealth for remote consultations for the third of our market who live in regional Australia

loop+ aims to standardise care and Increase the access, efficacy and efficiency of care with continuous tracking

Just like a fitbit for your bum really.

standardised care


measurable outcomes


risk management


expanded access to care

  • Consistent allied health and carer training to facility standards

  • Measurable, trackable functional and risk assessments including balance, weight bearing and trunk control

  • Increase the health literacy of support workers by enabling them to visualise optimal posture and position

  • Objective goal setting and progress tracking

  • Activity tracker to improve health and wellbeing

  • Adherence through an increase in motivation and accountability

  • Personalised alerts based on risk level

  • Predictive analytics to enable early intervention

  • Ease of documentation record keeping

  • Remove distance and reduce travel of allied health + registered nurse consultations

  • 24/7 support in every day life to improve quality of care

  • Ability to coach patient and carer when alerted to periods of high risk