Our Impact

Chronic wounds are a silent epidemic in Australia .

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Chronic wounds, of which pressure injuries account for 84%, reduce quality of life and working capacity, and increase social isolation. In addition to the impact on quality of life, chronic wounds impose substantial costs to the health care system and patients.

One in four wheelchair users will develop a pressure injury each year

At Loop+ we have identified pressure injury as a great starting point for us to understand the challenges of managing your health if you are a wheelchair user.

The problem is wheelchair users find it hard to know what is going on with their body and clinicians, rely on their clients to tell them. This amplified knowledge gap means awareness of the issue is always too late leading to hospitalisation because there is just no way to monitor  compliance to treatment or health risks in everyday life. Until now…

Implementation of evidence-based wound care coincides with large health improvements  and cost savings.

Loop+ collaborative care platform gives individuals and their care team the tools to identify risks, monitor care plans, log events, track goals and develop healthy habits.

Who Are We Impacting?



  • Personal 24/7 monitoring of causes of pressure area risk

  • Provides evidence for self-directing of care

  • Reduces time spent in hospital

  • Provides specific and historical information that can used to discuss care plans with the health team


Allied Health Professionals

  • Remote monitoring of patient’s care plan

  • Historical data gives insight into patient behaviour

  • More accurate therapy due to real time feedback

  • Ability to coach patient and carer during periods of high risk



  • Freeing up of hospital beds by reducing hospital admissions

  • Earlier patient discharge due to remote monitoring

  • Less chance of recurrence of pressure area

  • Active real-time monitoring of patient adherence to transition of care plan