Kath hamilton Founder and CEO

Kath Hamilton Over 15 years experience running profitable consumer digital businesses for Yahoo!, News Corp, and leading telcos.

She has led product, engineering, business development and marketing. Kath has a solid foundation in understanding the role that user data, particularly in terms of analytics, plays in embedding products into users’ lives.

As comfortable in the board room as she is in the rehab centre, Kath has many years experience balancing product and commercial goals whilst managing a diverse range of stakeholders.


clare conroy Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer

Clare Conroy is founder of the Evander Conroy Foundation, a non-profit raising awareness and funds for early intervention programs for pediatric spinal cord injury, inspired by her 8 year old son who was born with a tumour pressing on his spine that left him paralysed.

In her most recent role at Hireup, Clare built national partnerships with industry and government. Clare is a champion for disability inclusion, advocating for those who are more vulnerable in our community. She is on the Governance Committee for Variety, The Children’s Charity.



A founder of two startups with over a decade of sensor research and development experience. Graduating with both a degree in civil engineering and an MBA, Filip continued to grow his passion for product development and solving big problems.

Filip also managed a Research Lab at NYU where he was able to cultivate his talent for research, testing and development to deliver meaningful results.

Filip’s passion for engineering meaningful solutions across a wide range of technologies and developing commercially viable ventures that have a social impact



Formally an IT Manager, Chris sustained a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) in 2000, leaving him with T6 complete paraplegia.

As General Manager, Head of Operations at Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA) he ran most of SCIA’s departments, including Peer Support, Accommodation, Policy; Advocacy, Employment, NDIS services, Emergency Services, Grants and Events. 

Prior to Joining loop+ Chris rans his own Occupational Therapy and Access Consultancy business. He is also a board director of Wheelchair Sports NSW and of SCIA, having experience in both strategic and organisational governance.