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Continuous Care Platform


Loop+ combines a sensor mat which continuously collects data on user activity, with an app that displays individual risk profiles and insights. The collaborative care dashboard connects wheelchair users, their care teams and clinicians for sustainable healthy habits.


The sensor pad itself is fixed in the chair to continuously measure seated pressure, position, movement and humidity. Just like a fitbit for your bum really.

Continuous Monitoring

We calculate risk for each user, tracking effortlessly in the background as they go about their day.

Create healthy habits

With Loop+ wheelchair users now have health visibility, all day every day, and are become more aware of the connection of their habits to their unique risk factors. They now have the tools to take charge to develop healthy sustained habits in their daily lives.


For the first time – loop+ brings together this data logged by the user and sequence it with the sensor data from the pad to create a shared understanding of the body. Now wheelchair users can have driven conversations with their clinicians, replace cloudy memories of past events.

connected care

loop+ collaborative care dashboard will also improve access to care. By connecting regional nurses to specialists in the city, loop+ will better enable telehealth for remote consultations for the third of our market who live in regional Australia. loop+ aims to standardise care and increase the access, efficacy and efficiency of care with continuous tracking.


Our Impact

We are committed to providing a innovation solution to the 10 million wheelchair users in developed countries who manage chronic health risks everyday. Our first focus is on pressure injuries, the silent epidemic of the Australian health system that cost almost
$2 billion a year. With future applications in aged and home care, loop+ is set to transform the delivery of care.


Million wheelchair users

There are 10million wheelchair users in developed countries. Of this, the USA has 3.6 million wheelchair users, 20x the size of Australia’s wheelchair market. Our go to market will focus on this US expansion next.



wheelchair users in Australia

By helping just 1,000 of these we could save the health system $100 million a year. That is a significant impact to our economy and Australian wheelchair users quality of life.



Spent on pressure care in AUst

Many of these are preventable conditions that cost billions of dollars to treat each year in Australia.


Self Directed Care

loop+ was developed as a very personal response to a critical problem experienced by the founders .

“Loop+ was born from our desire to proactively monitor the risks of day to day life in a wheelchair. To give families like ours the tools and information they need to manage their own health - to create and sustain healthy habits.”

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October 2018

“I find the introduction of loop+ as a clinical tool, research tool, or tool for the family to be transformative…”

Professor Behrman, Frazier Rehab Institute Kentucky


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We have been hard at work iterating and calibrating our prototype with end users and clinicians. And we’re continuing to calibrate our system with our users in field tests.


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